Find Your County’s Real Estate Appraiser

Find Your County’s Real Estate Appraiser

Find Your County's Real Estate Appraiser
Property appraiser background 
Property appraisers make determinations about the value of a property based on intervening factors, such as upgrades and location. The value of the property can be greatly effected by the location of the property.
Real Estate appraiser education
Real estate appraiser education will depend upon the specific requirements of each employer. In some cases, real estate appraisers do not have to be certified or licensed, and in others, they need to be both certified and licensed. The classes which are required for certification, can generally be taken online or in person.
Property appraisal
 Property appraisal can be determined according to various formulas, including fair market value, foreclosure value and investment value. Generally, county property appraisers make their determination based on fair market value, which could differ from the price at which the property would actually sell. The price of a property can vary based on factors such as the speed of sale, the relationship between the buyer and seller and the state of the economy. 
Hillsborough County property appraiser
The Hillsborough county property appraiser makes determinations about the values of property in that county based on their location, including proximity to schools and parks, as well as a myriad of other factors, including the demand for property in that area.
Orange County property appraiser
The Orange County Property appraiser makes determinations based on the factors most utilized to determine the value of property, such as location, improvements and demand. However, the property assessment office also lists specific exclusions and exemptions, such as homes that have been built with contaminated drywall. Property owners can apply for decreased taxes until the problem is corrected.
Broward County property appraiser
The Broward County Property appraiser makes property value determinations based on many factors and they do so every five years. The factors which influence the value, can account for an increase or a decrease in property value. The frequency of the determinations allows the process to be fair to the property owners and to the county.
Pinellas County property appraiser
The Pinellas county property appraiser makes property value determinations in the same way that it is done in other counties in Florida. However, certain counties within Florida may lower property values based on the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, which recently occurred in the Gulf.
Volusia County property appraiser
The Volusia county property appraiser makes determinations about the value of property in locations such as Daytona. With over forty miles of beaches, the county has higher property values than many locations in Florida.
Seminole County property appraiser
Seminole county Florida includes a lot of land which is considered the tribal land of the Seminole Indians and is exempt from property taxes in that county. The Seminole County property appraiser makes determinations about the value or privately owned land which makes up a small portion of land in that county.
Lee County property appraiser
The Lee county property appraiser decides on the value of properties within the county, including Fort Myers and Fort Myers beach. Although the two towns are in close proximity of one another, the values of properties within the towns varies greatly because of the distance from the Gulf.
Pasco County property appraiser
Pasco County strives to make the determinations about the value of property in that county, according to state and local statues. Those statutes are meant to ensure that the no property owner is the subject of unfair taxation, based on the county in which they reside.
Jacksonville investment property
Jacksonville investment properties are popular due to their location near the Atlantic. Properties on the gulf have been decreasing in value due to the possibility that the recent oil spill may affect those areas. Instead, many investors have opted to make the safe choice and have selected homes with a higher value appraisal on the Atlantic.
Polk County  property appraiser
Polk County contains many abandoned or quarantined citrus groves, which may be tax exempt or owners may apply for reduced taxes since the property cannot be used for its intended purpose.
Duval County property appraiser
The Duval County property appraiser makes frequent assessments of property in that county, in order to avoid unfair taxation for the owners.
Lake County property appraiser
Land found close to the many lakes located in this county, generally has a higher assessed value than property which is not located close to a body of water.
Hernando County property appraiser
The recession greatly affected property values Hernando county, first decreasing the value substantially and then increasing it when sale of property began to increase in the county.
Brevard County property appraiser
The value of a piece of property would vary greatly depending upon the county in which it is located, as each county offers different services for homeowners and has a different tax base, determined by those services.
Sarasota County property appraiser
There is a website which allows property owners to learn the process to dispute the assessed value of their home, which also lists possible exemptions.
Collier County property appraiser
Collier county has properties which are valued as some of the most expensive in the nation.
Marion County property appraiser
The Marion County property appraiser makes determinations about the value of property according to all applicable state statutes.
Osceola County property appraiser
The county is mostly land locked and many property owners may experience a lower property value when compared to similar properties near the water.
Martin County property appraiser
The real estate appraiser makes determinations about the value of property based on the location and proximity to community amenities.
St Johns County property appraiser
The property appraiser must take state statutes into account when determining the value of a piece of property.
Escambia County property appraiser
Many counties must now take the recent oil spill in the gulf into account when making determinations about the fair market value of property.
Dade County property appraiser
Homes that were built with contaminated drywall are now subjected to zero taxation until the associated problems can be fixed.
Monroe County property appraiser
Homes are appraised at fair market value every five years in Florida, but that does not mean that the value increases every five years, as many factors can decrease the value of a piece of property.
Bay County property appraiser
Bay county claims to have the best beaches in the world, which indicates an increase in property values in that county.
Okaloosa County property appraiser 
Much of the property in the county has decreased in value as a direct result of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.
Clay County property appraiser
There are factors besides the property itself, such as community amenities offered by the county, which influence the fair market value of a property.
Walton County property appraiser
Properties located nearest recreational bodies of water have a higher appraised value than those that are not.
Flagler County property appraiser
 Properties located in close proximity to the ocean, receive a higher fair market value appraisal than those which are located further away.
Indian River County property appraiser
The ranges of value placed on proprieties within a county, can vary greatly, even for identical properties.
Levy County property appraiser
Properties in the county may be reduced in the appraisal of fair market value, based on the real estate market in the area.
Nassau County property appraiser
Properties located in areas with a high rate of foreclosure, have a lower fair market value based on an increase in criminal and undesirable activities in those areas.
 Shelby County property assessor
The Shelby County property assessor makes determinations about the value of property according to the applicable state laws.




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