Mechanic Lien At A Glance

Mechanic Lien At A Glance

Mechanic Lien At A Glance
A mechanic lien can be used for personal property; in fact, all mechanic liens are in utilized in reference to personal property. 

What is a Mechanic Lien

A mechanic lien is a lien placed upon an item by a service person who has been contracted to perform repairs or modifications with regard to the item in question. Due to the fact that the service industry is a commercially-based industry, by default, a mechanic lien can only be placed on personal property.

The Validity of a Mechanic Lien
In order for a mechanic lien to be instituted with regard to personal property, a written – or expressed – contract must exist, which states the nature of the personal property in question, the nature of repairs needed, and an estimation of fees associated with the repair. Without an expressed and legal contract, a mechanic lien cannot be placed upon any personal property regardless of the status of payment.




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