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Renting Property in Scotland

Renting Property in Scotland

Although the majority of Scotland is comprised of rolling hills, pastures, and traditional cottages or Scottish homes, the real estate market for some of the country's metropolitan areas is booming. Buyer and renter interest in areas such as Edinburgh, even with a bleak macroeconomic outlook, are experiencing revitalization. 

Property to rent in Scotland is harboring an increased demand as a result of price slashes, and the city's numerous benefits. Tourists and renters have always appreciated Edinburgh's history, cleanliness, and beautiful architecture. In addition, the city is home to many renowned universities, which tend to drastically increase the demand for the renting market.


The elastic effect of the price slashes, at the turn of the economic recession created an increased demand for all property rentals and purchases in Scotland's urban areas. To counteract this shift, property to rent in Scotland, and the average prices of homes has experienced a 0.7% increase in 2010. The properties that are most sought after are those within metropolitan areas that have a price tag under 1,000,000 to buy and 2,000 Euros to rent.


As more and more people flood into the Scottish cities, the rural areas–which make up the majority of the country in regards to landmass–experience a stagnate real estate market. Property to rent in Scotland's rural or agricultural areas is somewhat non-existent, although private renters will cater to a traveler's need. That being said, the majority of property to rent in Scotland is found in the country's metropolitan areas.