Walton County Property Appraiser

Walton County Property Appraiser

Walton County Property Appraiser
The Walton County property appraiser determines the value of property based on the laws of the state of Florida. In fact, each county must follow the applicable state laws when making determinations about the value or property. 
In addition, the value determined by the Walton County property appraiser is not considered a certified value and the amount placed as a fair market value on a property may be altered for tax purposes.
The laws in Florida are used to determine which factors would influence the value of property throughout the state. This was done to ensure that every state resident was subjected to the same rules and regulations and that no resident would be taxed unfairly.
The rules for determining the value of property include location as a primary factor. The Walton County property appraiser would access the location of the property and its proximity to water. The water would only be a factor if it is usable for recreation purposes.
However, the water could also have a negatively impact the value of property as determined by the Walton County property appraiser. For example, polluted bodies of water have a negative impact on the value of property.
The proximity to water can also influence events such as flooding and hurricane damage. For example, homes that have been damaged as a result of past hurricanes would likely be appraised at a lower amount by the Walton County property appraiser, even if the damage has been fixed.




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