Galway Property

Galway Property

Galway Property
Galway, Ireland can be found on the eastern coast of Ireland; the ocean is literally minutes away for those who are living in Galway. This particular location is about 3 hours away from Dublin. 
Besides the easy access to the ocean and it's convenience for traveling, one of the greatest aspects of Galway is it's property. Ireland property can be very diverse in nature, being there are areas in which the property is very old country and small, and portions in which there are large houses and development complexes
When it comes to Galway, Ireland, Galway property boasts a mixture of the traditional and the modern. Within the vicinity of Galway, houses illuminating a rustic charm can be found with rolling green hills, and not too far from them are larger, more modern housing complexes with the air of suburban life. 
Furthermore, Galway property varies in stylistic features as well. There are fully detached houses, semi-detached houses, and even apartment complexes available to suit the needs of an individual buyer or a family.
Current trends suggest that the cheap prospects in Galway property are semi-detached houses. These are houses in which there is a wall connecting two housing units together. However, there has been vast increase of fully detached houses recently that are starting to impact these trends. 2-4 bedroom houses can be obtain at a range of 150,000 to 450,000 euros. 
Some of the elasticity of these prices comes with features of the house, like number of bathrooms, and whether or not there is a garage. In the instance of 5-9 bedroom houses, these range between 550,000 euros to 1,200,000 euros.




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